AoGA Awards 2011
Very First AoGA Awards

Nomination Date:

May 30, 2011

Voting Date:

June 1, 2011


June 3, 2011 @ Livestream

AoGA Awards 2011Edit

(some info here my brain is tired XD)


Member of the Year/Most Demanding Member: Cara Pam
Best Post/Best Lurker: Jei Kidd
Most Helpful Member: Nikki Chii
Best Couple: Jei Kidd and Nikki Chii
Nicest/Most Active Member: Abby Yap
Goriest Member/Most Shameless Plugger: Ria Lee
Most Mad Member: Anna Writes
Creepiest Member/ Hottest Member: Gohst Anown
Best Spammer/ Triple C-est Member: Marvic Sakura
Most Active Poker: Akemi Himako
Most Memorable Moment: There's a guy in the group?