AoGA Awards 2012
Second AoGA Awards

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May 4, 2012

AoGA Awards 2012Edit

(some info here my brain is tired XD)


Hottest Member: Shiki Masachika
AoGA Idol: Prose Vanity
Triple C'est Member: Prose Vanity
Creepiest Member: Gohst Anown
Most Demanding Member: Cara Pam
Best Friendship: Abby Lewis and Pam Capistrano
Nicest/Friendliest Member: Su Malorie Chan
Member Of The Year: Abby Lewis
Goriest Member: Jam Rosales
Most Memorable Moment: May Madness
Best Post: Jei's Legendary Post
Most Random Member: Jay Akane (Natsu)
Most Photogenic: Janee Lunar
Most M-Rated Member: Jay Akane (Natsu)
Best Procrastinator: Pam Capistrano
Best Couple: Ariie Suffix Chan x Nicky Chii
Best Stalker: Jei Kidd
Most Shameless Plugger: Ria Lee
Funniest Member: Shiki Masachika
Most Active Member: Lewlzi Kelpy Del Rosario
Most Inspiring Member: Milady QueenMab
Most Loyal To AoGA: Abby Lewis
Most Helpful Member: Abby Lewis
Best Troll: Shiki Masachika
Best Lurker: Jei Kidd
Wittiest Member: Jay Akane
Best Spammer: Entirety of AoGA XD
Most Mad Member: Sadz Awesomness
Most LMFAO Moment: Everyone headwalling because of the DG
Most Active Poker: Marvic Sakura
Nicest Newbie: Nicky Chii