Some time around October to November of 2011, Ria introduced GoN (Game of Nerds), an online quiz game that tests an individual's general knowledge, became a hit in the Authors of Gakuen Alice Facebook group. But the hype sood died over as less and less players were successful enough to beat Jei's top score.
Picture 7

Jei Kidd (eji) and Chinky Loy (chinkyyyoh) fighting for the crown for GoN's 6th season.

In October 2012, after having been ignored for months, members of AoGA started playing GoN again after its big announcement of unlimited plays, where coins are no longer needed to play the game.

Jei easily took the top spot once again, but this time, a new contender claimed to have a secret technique that could possibly remove Jei from his seat in number one. After some tries, Chinky was able to usurp Jei and even dominate the Top 100 list for a while, taking first place. Jei, using pure genius, reclaimed his spot in no time.

On October 3, 2012, Chinky publicly accepted her sad defeat.

A couple of other AoGA members (Nick Reyes and Cara Pam.) have also reached the Top 100 Nerds list on the site.