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The Michael Jackson of Caratopia

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2010 - present


Arrie (Erika), Koamato Love (Su), Ariicky (Su), Fisherman (Jerris), Ariiezona (Abby), ATL (Julie), Ariiestotle (Abby), Fisherchan (Julie), Badassery (Kacey), Sama-sama (Jess)



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The Tortured Poet


Gakuen Alice

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April 14, 2009 (old account), August 21, 2011 (The Tortured Poet)


July 1

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Michael Jackson


Straightforward, don't even



About AriieEdit

Ariie is the potato that loves All Time Low. I mean really. She loves All Time Low. Like, really loves them. She's really nice and great to talk to, but she's no pushover. She's very fierce and stubborn when she's angry, but a great and loyal friend when she's not.

Ariie writes original fiction on wattpad. Her previous account on FFN will not be revealed due to the fact that she thinks her fics suck balls there, but compared to The Tortured Poet, her old account had more publicity, which she figures is mostly due to the fact that she writes about controversial topics in her TTP account.

She's known for being confident in herself and her opinions, and it's something that a lot of members admire about her. She's a really great girl; she's so much fun to talk to and she's someone who can actually keep a convo going. She's witty, loveable, hyper, and everyone who meets her should just want to glomp her.

History in AoGAEdit

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Love LifeEdit




Ariie: I'm going to murder you all.

Ariie's love life will have a timeline. But for now, make do with a paragraph:

Ariie's relationship with Nick has been on and off for a really long time, with flings with other people in between. Currently, she's on a 'married' relationship with new guy Theodore. As far as we can tell, their honeymoon's going great and we're expecting to see some babies soon. (Da fak Julie we're not on a honeymoon) --- (I actually didn't write this HAHAHA -Julie) --- (Still wanna kill you OTL)

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Julie LyEdit

Theodore "Theo" LimEdit

(casually putting all the people I was with and stuff that counted-ish OTL)


A ship created by Julie that Ariie honestly vainships but she'd never admit it outside of PMs goes along with because of Bora Bora and the pie. They were shipped even before Theo (the fourth male member that is active and known in AoGA) joined, due to Julie knowing both of them.

"They're just perfect okay guys? They're soulmates. Ship it," says Julie. "I'll sink any other ships that involve Ariie or Theo. Theoriie is love."

The reason that Julie says that they're soulmates is because of all the things they have in common, and all of the things they like about eachother: Theo's sarcastic, and Ariie loves that. They share a love for rock music, and Theo comments that Ariie has great taste in songs. They're both very intelligent and their flirtynotflirty flirty but they'll deny it cause they're just so difficult 'fanservice' in AoGA never fails to entertain. The couple reluctantly vainship themselves with eachother (actually they're quite shameless about it).

Update: Theo and Ariie don't really bother to hide their love for eachother anymore, and they're constantly proclaiming their love for eachother on chat, Skype, or AoGA. (WTF JULIE?!?!?!)

They're perfect okay guys? They're soulmates. Ship it.


Gakuen Alice and original fiction.


Jeikki, Jeicky, Julere, Theoriie (loljk)


Julie: One of Julie's first friends in AoGA, and one of the best. The two were a bit awkward at first due to the whole Ariicky/Julere issue, but after five minutes of chatting planned to leave Nick and elope (HAHAHAHA /dies). They pulled an allnighter playing SongPop, and bonded almost immediately. Julie and Ariie are pretty close to this day, and often chat everyday. Since they live three hours away from each other they plan to have a meet-up one day. They used to be married until Theo came along and Julie happily divorced Ariie to allow the couple to be together. Julie is the number one shipper of Theoriie and has made the ship go viral to Ariie's delight. They have nicknames for eachother (many actually) but the ones that seem to have stuck are ATL (AriieTwinnyLove) and JTL (JulieTwinnyLove) because their family and personal lives are really similar. Julie is grateful to have met and to have Ariie in her life, and she's a big fan of Ariie's real name; Arienne. ♥

Athena: Ariie is one of Athena's first AoGA friends. They instantly /kicked off/ when they fangirled about All Time Low and The Maine and other awesome bands, and hated on Justin Bieber (did I spell it right? OTL) Athena USED TO BE an avid fan of Ariicky, but Theodore came, and POOF! She just saw the spaaaaaarks and chemistry and OMGGGG <3. Because of that, she left the Ariicky ship and shipped Theoriie instead. Ariie is also one of the few people in AoGA who know about Athiel, and Athena shares a lot of stories to her. Athena also knows some of Ariie's secrets, and she's happy that Ariie trusts her (because she trusts Ariie big time okay?) And Athena loves her forever. 8D

Jess: One of Jess' first AoGA welcomers was Ariie, and when she realised that Ariie had heard of her FFN penname and had read one of her stories, Jess immediately took a liking to her. However, they did not talk often until Jess stopped acting like a lurker and started to participate in AoGA conversations. After hearing about NaNoWriMo, Jess asked AoGA about motorbikes - to which Ariie replied enthusiastically - and it was that moment when they started to have extremely long conversations while spamming all the more, until Jess introduced Ariie to StarKid. It was then when the two started to act like complete fangirls while immediately placing claim on Joe Walker's characters. They still? talk daily upon this day - heartlessly spamming both the Infinite Spammers League chatbox as well as AoGA posts - and affectionately call each other Winception-sama (Jess) and Sama-sama (Ariie).


- Ariie was the creator of the ship name Jeikki.

- Ariie was the wedding planner for Jei and Ductina's wedding and was heartbroken when Jei ran off with Nikki instead, but eventually ended up shipping the two. (Thus the reason for her ship-name-making.)

- In So I Got Taxed, Ariie plays Tsubasa.


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