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December 2009


Abby Yap, Cara Pam, Sharifah Nuriza Al'Aidrus

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"Is it weird for a guy to be an author in GA? Any male writers here? XD" -Jei Kidd (5,555 comments and counting)

Welcome to the Authors of Gakuen Alice WikiEdit

Authors of Gakuen Alice is a Facebook group where Gakuen Alice fanfiction writers and readers gather to socialize and interact, discussing stories, plot ideas, manga progress, and etc. There are sub-groups to ease up on the non-GA-related spamming, but it does not completely stop the out-of-topic spam. The group spawned from AMICUS , a community, facebook group , and forum for Filipino GA authors. However, AoGA welcomes authors from all around the world. Majority of our members are still Filipino though, so we go by GMT+8 timezone when coordinating for events. As of October 13, 2012, the group has 401 members.


On December 28, 2009, Sharifah (blackcat9517) had a stoke of genius: to create a group where Gakuen Alice authors could mingle and socialize; share ideas, opinions, and the like. Back then, the only other community was the forum Amicus, and that was only for Filipino authors. Through lots of advertisments on our parts (original members / first few members), we've grown from the measly 27 members to the 401 we have today, making histories and memories for almost for years.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Behind the 401 members and the tons of activities and events planned out are the admins or moderators. These are the people that think up the events and see to it that those events are carried out smoothly, though sometimes, some events and ideas just don't get past the planning & preparation ideas. These are Abby , Cara , and Sharifah. And Jeialwayshelpsout one way or another. For every event, they have officials working for them and announcers that act as DJ's on the AoGA Radioshow. The two prominent announcers are Marvic and Nick. (more edits later - edits are welcome)

Memorable EventsEdit

Some of the most memorable events are the following: (in no particular order) (this is a list of pages that are to come)

  1. May Madness
  2. Chain Stories
  3. Ductina
  4. Caratopia
  5. Jei's Legendary Post
  6. AoGA Prom 2011
  7. AoGA Awards 2011
  8. House Cup
  9. The Detective Game
  10. Christmas 2011
  11. AoGA Awards 2012
  12. AoGA at GON