Cara Pam
The Caratopia Overlord

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2009 - present


Ms. Hibari, AoKuroAuKuroAoKuro



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Gakuen Alice, Kuroko No Basuke, Ouran High School Host Club, No.6


November 27

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August 8, 2009

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Always hyper.


She fangirls like there is no tomorrow.

About CaraEdit

Cara is the co-administrator at Authors of Gakuen Alice . She likes to think that she's a tsun, but deep down she really is a big dere (a side that Julie's hyperdere powers can bring out). She's really kind, a great friend, and she's honestly one of the best people you'll meet in this group. She's always there for her small circle of close friends, and is such a sweet girl. She'll never fail to make you smile, and although she may seem intimidating (being the Overlord and all) she really isn't, and she deserves waaaaaaaaay more love than she gets. ♥ ♥ ♥
She is very hyper when it comes to fangirling. Even if you give her proofs that her ship is sinking, she will use her "wild" imagination to save it. It doesn't matter how illogical her reasoning will sound as long as it will save her ships. She's so funny, too. Like her brain is a can full of humourous, epic, smart and fail ideas.

History in AoGAEdit

-how did you find the group, role in the group, events created/joined etc-


She writes for Kuroko no Basuke, Ouran High School Host Club, No.6, and Gakuen Alice on FFN and Kuroko no Basuke and No.6 on AO3 under the penname /pseud Mishaa. Other names she use around the web are carathebear and, for when carathebear isn't available, carabarks.

Some of the fandoms she frequents but do not contribute to (save for reblogging photos related to it on Tumblr) are (but not limited to) Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, FairyTail, Kuroshitsuji, The Mortal Instruments, and Pandora Hearts.


Her ships vary for every fandom, but she prefers slash / yaoi (male on male pairings) over het (the usual male / female) and she is usually taken to side characters more than mains.

The fandom she's currenly obsessing over is Kuroko no Basuke (alternatively known as Kuroko no Basket or The Basketball Which Kuroko plays and short-termed as KNB or kurobasu). Her OTP (one true pairing) for that is AoKuro (Aomine Daiki x Kuroko Tetsuya) (it sank btw). Sideships include, but are not limited to, Murasaka (aka AkaTsush), MidoKise, TakaMido, and KasaKise.

On the other hand, in her first fandom, Gakuen Alice, she wrote for and (still) read NatsuMikan (Natsume Hyuuga x Mikan Sakura) and SumiKoko (Sumire Shouda x Kokoro Yome). Also, she tends to lean on Hayate Matsudaira's team with Hotaru Imai instead of the more popular RukaRu (Ruka Nogi x Hotaru Imai).

Other ships include: 8018, Drarry, NaLu (FT), Loki x Lucy (FT), Klaine, Delena, Claude x Alois, NezuShion, ElliLeo (PH), Malec (TMI), and etc. HER OTP IS ORLY CAUSE EVERYONE BLOODY LOVES ORLY PLUS EVEN HER KEYBOARD SMASH IS ORLYAHAYZAORLYZA OR SOMETHING OKAY. OKAY.


Julie: .The two can often be found on Twitter on Fangirl Mode: Lvl 1359074375. They don't get to talk to eachother much anymore since timezones are a pain, but they try to stay close and sometimes leave eachother messages on FB or Twitter. Julie is the Izaya to her Cara's Shizuo, and they count eachother as top real life best friends. They are currently married but agree that they can cheat on eachother for their one true loves (Izaya for Julie, Aomine for Cara). When they catch eachother online they usually chat in all caps, and rant to eachother about life and other crap. They have a mutual understanding for eachother, and have tons of stuff in common. They support eachothers vainships, and one day they plan to meet up so they can become IRL friends. Cara is one of the few people that Julie would fake sick and go vampire mode for, and she hopes-- she knows that that the two will be friends for a long, long time, since they are soulmates after all. Waifus forever~ ♥

Abby: Cara and Abby met even before AoGA went wild, so you could say that their friendship is thicker than yo' mama (loljk, I just can't help it). No, but seriously, they totally trust and will stick for each other no matter what. Both of them believe that they complete each other like Yin and Yang. The two are known for being the masterminds of most of the events in the group. Mastermind in the sense that they plan. God knows what happens to those plans. Lololol <3