Caratopia is AoGA's empire. With castles, heiriarchial positions, sub-worlds, and etc. The Detective Game was set here, as are most of the events. The chart attached is very incomplete, but Caratopia's so huge now we can't keep track of the citizens.


(Copy-pasted from AoGA Times )

"..this entire thing started on May 14, 2011. If I recall correctly, this happened in a very boring afternoon. Barely anyone was online. The chat was deserted, and as a spur of the moment thing, I sort of proclaimed the chat mine–property of Caratopia, ruled uner moi, Overlord Cara/Mishaa. I think my words were “You have left this chat unguarded, and so I come and claim it in the name of Caratopia!!!” Silly, I know. But from there, I “hired” henchmen–the people online at the time. I really don’t remember all the details, but the next thing I know, positions were given and Caratopia became real.

"On the same day, the AoGA war came to be. I don’t remember the details, or why it was called a war in the first place, but yes, apparently some war erupted and I was MIA. For details on that, you should ask someone who remembers."


Taxing is how we "punish" members who do not abide by the rules. A tax is equivalent to a story (fictional or not; Gakuen Alice or not) of at least 1K words.

Known taxes are:

  1. So I Got Taxed by J.S. Kidd
  2. A Moment in Time by Mishaa
  3. Taxed by Kyra Marie

National ThingsEdit

(because Abby likes making docs and Cara likes copy-pasting them into wiki pages)

  1. National Food: Spam/Canadian Bacon? 8D
  2. National Activity: Spam 8D
  3. National Hero: Ductina
  4. National Flag: We don't have a flag yet OTL
  5. National Animal: Totoro
  6. National Bird: YOSHI B|
  7. National Anthem: Cheese Song? o_o
  8. National Dance: THE CARAMELLDANSEN < 3
  9. National Flower:Dendrobium
  10. National Tree: The Money Tree
  11. National Sport: Detective Games. /diesdiesdies
  12. National Language: English
  13. National Motto: Tu n'appartiens qu'à moi. OTL (Someone explain to me what this means ._.)
  14. National Currency:The International Carat (CAR) A's (The International Carat A's so the abbreviation's CARA OTL)
  15. National Singer: Michael Jackson
  16. National Anime/Manga: Gakuen Alice (duh)
  17. National Emoticon: OTL

Caratopia UniversityEdit

(I don't know how this came about. @_@) (As of Oct. 23, 2012, the doc looks like this:)

Offers: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced classes


  • History of AoGA
  • AoGA Cultural Studies
  • English 101
  • GA and FFN Education
  • The Science of Writing and Reading
  • Understanding Nonsense
  • Deciphering Codes 101
  • Understanding Emoticons and How To Use Them
  • Government and Politics of Caratopia
  • Parseltongue 101
  • Caratopian Economy
  • The Art of Spamming
  • Introduction to Drunk Typing
  • How-To Procrastinate
  • Gore Education
  • Keeping Up With The Chat
  • Necormancy (because gods know how many times we //die here)
  • How to Grow Buckteeth
  • Southern Accents 101
  • Mudslinging

TEACHERS: (so far OTL)

  1. Maid Nelere (I DIDN'T SIGN UP AS NICKY. D8<) -- Understanding Nonsense
  2. Professor Jei Kidd -- Deciphering Codes 101
  3. Mr. Jay Akane -- How-To Procrastinate
  4. Ms. Pam Capistrano -- The Art of Spamming
  5. PROFESSOR CARA HAHAHA -- Introduction to Drunk Typing
  7. Empress Mara -- Necromancy
  8. Oh Dead One Amy- Hillbilliness 101
  9. Miss Marvic Sakura -- History
  10. Ms. Maya Black -- Physician [not a class]


  • A dormitory, seperate for boys and girls
  • A gym equipped wtih exercisting materials (Why do we need a gym D:)
  • A computer lab with laptops and desktops of different brands
  • A torture chamber for the Gore comittee
  • Classrooms
  • AC in every facility
  • Science / Chem / Bio laboratories
  • Greenhouses
  • A Booze Shed
  • A Duct tape factory
  • Recreation areas
  • A theater
  • A museum
  • A "Relive the DG" building
  • Cafeteria with McDonalds food stalls
  • University stores with all your university needs
  • A pool
  • A soccer field
  • A football field
  • A track
  • A basketball gym
  • Really nice and clean restrooms
  • Shooting Range
  • A car park
  • Procrastinating stations
  • A mini zoo
  • A library (OMG HOW CAN SOMEONE EVEN FORGET THIS /flips table)
  • A Farm


As of September 11, 2011 (with the exception of Julie's entry)

Overlord/Empress: Cara Pam

Prince: Jei Kidd

Princess: Nikki Chii

General: Maria RedPen

Adviser: Abby Yap

Fairy: Pam Capistrano

Death Empress: Mara Logarta

Duchess of Chat: Ash Saludes

Ninja: Gladwyn O. Sabay

Royal Bodyguard: Erika Midorima

Announcer/DJ: Marvic Sakura

Pirate: Chinky Loy

Necromancer: Pat Chan

Twin Soldiers: Abegyl Lyn Delos Reyes, Kelzi Del Rosario

Knights/Aces : Mesh Ybarola :D, Sadiyah B. Tariq (Sadz)

Henchmen: Xtee Chan

Civilian/s: Mary Louise Rivera, Chiutane Ann Oyangoren

Stray/Royal Cat: Jerris Samson

Ambassador: Revrie Rhen Metherlence

Good will Fairy Ambassador- Tahira Amin (Yasmin)

Landlord: Ter Pajarillaga

Local Dominatrix: Bittersweet Apathy

Royal Guard: Aileen Fernandez

Defender of Rainbow Unicorns: Xinyi Cheekmonster

Poltergeists: Gohst Anown, Noly Hotoke, Samara Willkillyou

The Girl Who Lived: Isabela de Vera

Royal Macaroni: Christa Escudero

Zombie Minion: Sarah Smith

The Majestic Cherry Blossom Tree: Nissa Marie Buan Devora

Vampire: Amy Zhan

King Evil Lurker: Xtin MT's orig. acct. (her alter ego)

Prince of the Underworld: Toshio Saeki

Michael Jackson: Ariie Suffix Chan

Clairvoyant: Jess Kin Yadana Win

Future Overlord: Julie Ly

Future Overlord's Bodyguard: Fitri Bandt

(Available positions:)


Caraland Theme Park manager

Zombie Minions

and Civilians