Chinky Loy

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2010 - present


Akemi Himako, Chinese girl, Titanic, 3D


No information

FFN Penname:

Ridley Silverlake


Gakuen Alice

FFN Birthday:

October 15, 2005


April 14

Caratopia Position:

The Pirate


(fill up)


May blow up when exposed to green M&M's. / Too competitive

About ChinkyEdit

An artist who's way too nice for her own good. She loves her friends, Nick Jonas, and her family. A big fan of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and more recently, Divergent. She's a really sweet girl, and has a great voice too. She's always there for her friends, and she's someone you should get to know.

History in AoGAEdit

To be filled up


Chinky writes by the name of Ridley Silverlake.

"This extremely unoriginal pen name came to me when I was 11 and addicted to video games. Five years later, every single day I considered changing it to something more original and more... me. Apparently, this pen name, despite its true origins, has grown on me, and I find myself more attached to it than any other username I've had on the Internet. So no. I will not be changing it at all."


She writes for Daa! Daa! Daa!, Midori Days, and Gakuen Alice. However, she lurks about in the Fairy Tail, Kuroshitsuji, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Divergent fandoms. There may be more, but we can't list them down till we're sure


  • Nick Jonas x Chinky
  • Chinky's Reverse Harem with the Jonas Brothers. /dead
  • CaraJei
  • Julere
  • Chinky is also one of the few Harry Potter fans who ships Romione and Dramione
  • (also accepted: Feltson and Grintson)


Julie: Chinky was Julie's first friend (other than Nikki) in AoGA and she wouldn't have chosen anyone else. The two instantly hit it off talking about random stuff which lead to Chinky shipping Julere. Chinky was the first person to hear Julie's voice, and also created an AoGA fanfic with Julie as the protagonist. The two don't talk that much anymore but when they do the topics are extremely random and they talk about just about anything. Chinky is one of the few people that Julie really trusts and she's glad that Chinky and her and friends. When they're in a Skype call they often gang up on Nick and try to get him to sing (since his voice is just so OTL). When Chinky moves to California, the two have plans to meet, given that they're only 20 hrs away from eachother. Julie has affectionately given Chinky the nickname Chi-chan, and Chinky in return calls her Juliette.

Abby: Chinky and Abby have been Facebook friends for the longest time and for whatever reason, they never talked until May Madness. But when they finally got to bond, they found out that they have a lot of things in common. The two share a great love for the Jonas Brothers, especially for the awesome Nick Jonas. They also like football and even support the same teams! (Except for Real Madrid, yuck) Abby calls her Chinkyness and Chinky in turn calls her Abbyness. Aside from that, Chinky is one of the few people Abby truly trusts and considers as one of her best friends. <3