What is this?Edit

This is Jei's first post, or his introductory one / debut post. It also goes by the name, Jei's Epic Post, The Legendary post, and uncommonly, Jei's Only Guy In The Group Post.

To be technical, he wasn't actually the first guy in the group. There were two others before him that, (1) I don't really believe are GA authors, (2) don't socialize / aren't active in the group. Jei was the first one to speak up, announcing his gender and everything. He was a big hit. 3,000 posts in just a few days. When more and more things are posted into the group and this post gets forgotten for a while, someone always remembers it one day and decides to dig it up. It's become a challenge to search for Jei's legendary post and revive it.

What really made this post epic and lendary wasn't the announcement of his gender, really. Only at first. More and more people commented because they were fascinated how he could write Gakuen Alice stories (and good ones, too), but later on, the hype was more because of the number of comments. When we reached the 500 mark in a few minutes, the main focus became: How far can we go?

As initiation for new members, they have to go look up Jei's legendary post and contribute to the number of comments there.

Many events spawned from this post, such as the Ductina event.

(Cara-note: post a better photo with the Mishaa Hibari first comment thingy)