Jei Kidd
The Prince of Caratopia

Member Since:

2010 - present


Derp Son, Johnny, Eji, Ejichi, Master (by Black Maya)


United Kingdom

FFN Penname:



Gakuen Alice, Detective Conan

FFN Birthday:

September 30, 2009


March 2

Caratopia Position:

The Prince


I like trains.



About JeiEdit

He's a math lover and the man behind the brain hurting ciphers during the DG. He's fun to talk to and convos with him usually end up looking like something from drunk people. He's reliable, especially since you can count on him to be on Twitter when you need him, although, he can be pretty sadistic at times, specifically around Halloween when he sends scary texts and posts scary photos that can keep a person awake.

He's a crewpy (yes, crewpy, not creepy), individual with an unexplained love for pumpkins, potatoes, trains, Christmas trees and he's trolling in the deep. He enjoys sinking ships and engaging in brain-hurty activities (apparently math is fun OTL) and has an odd hatred for the human race. He prefers cats over dogs, and was previously married to a roll of duct tape named Ductina. He's a really kind, thoughtful person, and he's a lot of fun to talk to. He's a great person overall, and someone you should definitely get to know. He's a pro at KaraokeParty (you should ask him to sing for you!) and he's really fun to tease.

He loves Detective Conan and things that make my brain hurt (like ciphers and math).

(By Cara and Julie. See if you can tell who wrote what 8D)

History in AoGAEdit

-how did you find the group, role in the group, events created/joined etc-


Detective Conan, Gakuen Alice, Durarara!! and One Piece. Proud to include Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Kuroko no Basuke here/

The sad thing is, I can't add any of Hayao Miyazaki's works on here because HE HASN'T SEEN ANY ;A; </3

Okay fine, so he's seen Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away but those aren't enouuugh D:



  • AoKuro and AoCara. B|
  • Orly is his OTP.
  • No, AoKuro/Cara is. :
  • ConAi is his OTP. <--- The only line that is saying the truth. Oh really.
  • Orly and AoCara (AND AOZAYA) are his OTPs and that is final. Final. Happy now Cara HAHAHA
  • He also ships Caralie/Jura. SO WEIRD. SOOO WEIRD
  • Jeimida and Jucarons.


Julie: Julie and Jei became friends when Cara affectionately introduced Julie as her soulmate. The two were somewhat awkward at first, but somehow their convo evolved (like they always do now) and they started sending eachother novel like replies on FB during one of Julie's vampire nights. After that one night, they began talking on Twitter, and their convos that started with 1-2 tweets became 8-10 different tweets at a time. They usually spammed all of their followers homepages with a total of 200-ish tweets just from their convos. Julie doesn't really remember how she became Jei's angel, but she tries to cheer him up and give him lollipops when he's down and in that 'omg-I-hate-people-go-away' mood. They are also eachother's alarm clocks and they rage txt/call eachother in the morning to wake the other up. The two often fanfirl (well Julie fanfirls and Jei goes along with it) over Izaya and Shizaya and their topics range from serious/personal to crazy/super-hyper. A new activity that they've started is KaraokeParty (and Jei always wins) although they spend most of the time spamming the chatbox with caps and 'HAHAHAHAHA'.. Jei should buy Julie an Izaya doll for her birthday cause she's a great angel that's not evil at all. The two have lots of inside jokes, and because they're close, Julie teases him like there's no tomorrow. Oh, and CrewpyJei is crewpy.HÉHÉHÉHÉHÉHÉHÉHÉ.

Maya: Maya is Jei's pet bird. His personal HiBird. She calls him, "Master"

Ria: Jei refers to her as Pandriadeek for some long-ass reason. In return, she calls him Uncle FishiEjiCat.