Jerris Cavallone

Member Since:

2010 - present


Jerrelephant, Elejerr, Jerriswheel



FFN Penname:

Kitty Cavallone


Gakuen Alice, Vampire Knight, Ghost Hunt

FFN Birthday:

April 28, 2007


February 25

Caratopia Position:

The Royal Kitty





About JerrisEdit

Jerris, Jerris, Jerris. There's so much to say about this lovely girl. She's the wonderful kitty of Caratopia, and she's too nice, really. And a great costume too. She's got a great voice and Angelina-Jolie lips. She's Halyse 's self-proclaimed number one fan and makes covers for her songs on youtube and sings her own songs as jerriswheel on SoundCloud.

She's notorious for her numerous typos and competing with Julie's sleep time for Julie's hyperdere love. She has such amazing ideas, and she's so much fun to talk to. She's super friendly, really caring, nonjudgemental, and you'll rarely see her with a frown on her face. She likes all things cute (cha siu baos, potatoes, elephants) and she has her own language of typos that she has yet to name with Julie.

She's also super adorable, personality and looks wise. If you don't want to pinch her cheeks, there is something wrong with you.

History in AoGAEdit

To be filled up


FairtyTail, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Gakuen Alice


  • D18. Shizaya. Kizaya. Kei x Kaji (OCs with Julie). L Block x T Block x S Block. Shoe x Sock. Mouse x Mouse Pad. USB x USB Port. Ring x Ring Finger.


Julie: Without debate, definitely one of Julie's best friends. The two began talking on one of Julie's vampire nights, and ever since they've been inseperable. They have way too many titles, inside jokes, and awkward typos to list (although they shall be listed just because), and they never have a dull convo. They have created their own OCs and are working on writing their own manga/fanfic about their OCs. Jerris is the Jerritatophant to Julie's Juliepoplaty, the Kei to her Kaji, the auntato to her niepo, and they even have a best friend title-- KAHSTATYPOFFS Korean At Heart Tart Soul Potato Typo... I can't remember OTL omg. My memory. Julie is sorry. They are also food friends, and they've really bonded over food (potatoes, cha siu baos, carrot cake). Their friendship animal is the platyphant (the spawn of platypus and elephant) and their friendship food is the potachasiubao (potatoes and cha siu baos OTL). They can be found on DRRRchat RPing their OCs for looking for an Izaya so Julie doesn't go into Izaya withdrawal. Julie hopes that they'll be friends for a long time, and one day meet up. ♥

Chinky: Jerris and Chinky have known each other since 2010 after meeting in AMICUS, and have been friends ever since. One fateful autocorrect incident later, Chinky started calling Jerris "King Herris" while Jerris recognized her as her faithful Wizard Ninja (a.k.a WiNi). Chinky and Jerris are two of AoGA's musicians who like to make covers of Halyse songs. When trying to figure out guitar chords or lyrics to songs, Chinky likes cosulting Jerris, as she looks up to her and her amazing listening skills. On top of that, Jerris was one of the first AoGA members Chinky has personally met in real life and Chinky would consider it a pleasure to meet her again so they can have another cup of McFlurry together.