Julie Ly
The Future Overlord

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2012 - present





FFN Penname:



Gakuen Alice, Durarara, Kuroko No Basuke

FFN Birthday:

February 14, 2012


November 2

Caratopia Position:

The Future Overlord (I haven't approved to this yet)


Is FANFIRLING an attitude?


Like Cara Pam this girl is an uber-fangirl

About JulieEdit

She's a dere dere girl. She can turn even the toughest tsun into a dere. She's just that sweet. A few weeks into the group and she's got half of the members kissing her feet. She's that good. Which is why she's perfect for the role of Future Overlord. The only (known) person standing in her way is Prince Jei.


She's also a crewpy girl who fanfirls so hard over Izaya. She will will read Shizaya fics even if that means she'll sacrifice her sleep. Sometimes, she's an angel that is very nice and funny and sometimes, she's a very evil potato who will tease you to death.

History in AoGAEdit

June 2012- Erika became Julie's unicorn.


Known fandoms are: Kuroshitsuji, Kuroko no Basuke, Durarara!!, and Gakuen Alice.

(To be edited later, for when she gives me a list or edits this herself.)


Here's a warning: don't ever try to steal Orihara Izaya from Julie. She's the world's biggest Orly (Orihara x Ly) fan. Despite shipping herself with Izaya (and being selfish about it with us) her OTP is Shizaya. In KNB however, she ships AoKise (poor poor girl, blind to the grandeur of AoKuro love - biased editor is biased).

Amy Ship number two. don't have a couple name yet. Whatevs. they beast. they're in a girl group together. and this isn't using very good grammar but she <3 Julie and they are long-lost besties. :)

OTPs: Shizaya (Shizuo/Izaya), AoKise (Aomine/Kise), Shikki (Shizuo/Nikki), Kyuucey (Kacey/Kyuu), Theoriie (Theo/Ariie), Athiel (Anon/Athena) and Abby8 (Mr. 8/10 & Abby HAHAHAHA). /dead

Oh and Orly. Cause vainshipping is cool.


Kacey : Kacey and Julie are like, fellow ulzzangs in training (meaning they don't exist and are actually just a lie created by the government), but even for lies they're pretty cosmic. The two can talk about anything, from who's really seme in the Kizaya ship (obviously Izaya) to serious topics involving their personal lives. Even though they haven't known each other for very long, Julie allows Kyuucey (Kacey's vainship) action to happen in her closet and Kacey plans to soon initiate her Shizaya drabble a day to satisfy Julie's boundless enthusiasm for her OTP.

Jei: Jei and Julie met because of the order from The Overlord. First, it was kind of awkward, but as time passed by, for some unknown reason, their chats became novel-like and found theirself comfortable talking about personal, random, fanfirling (this only applies to Julie) and potato topics. They spammed Twitter, where they talk about almost everything (mostly her fanfirling). Jei considers Julie as her guardian angel, since she is always there when he need someone to talk to. But Jei also considers Julie as an evil in disguise since she's so mean to him sometimes.

Unicorn Erika : Erika is Julie's unicorn. How did they meet? It started when Erika saw Julie's welcoming post up in the group. And because adrenaline was high, she became Julie's unicorn, with beautiful rainbow hair. (/shotdead) She was also greatly influencial into letting Julie fall into the dark side of AoGA- The Yaoi Lovers (it's not yet official but it is when editor gets to tell the people). Erika really sees Julie as someone who will always be a true friend. (And Erika is hoping that Julie would go to the Philippines and meet up with her. Oh, and for Julie to write Erika MidoTaka fan fictions.)

Abby: Abby can't really remember how they met and how they became close. All she knows is that they like heartspamming, chatting in caps, and potato fangirling. They talk about the most random stuff, from food to their deepest darkest personal issues. The two call each other Abbypotatohotlinelove and Juliepotatohotlinelove as names of endearment, because (1) they love potatoes to death, (2) they're sure they can confide to each other 24/7/36, and (3) they love each soooo much. (Julere ftw)

Athena: Julie and Athena are SSFs (Soul Sisters Forever). Athena really can't remember how them being SSFs started, and she doesn't also completely remember how they became close, but she does know bits of stuff. 8D They are close, like really, and Athena trusts her so much. Julie's one of the few people she can tell loads of her secrets and stories and Athiel ramblings about, and she's happy she has met her. Julie is also the number one shipper of Athiel, and Athena's fellow AustinxAnnabelle shipper. They talk a lot, mostly about random stuff, and they don't run out of topics to talk about even when they're high (and lutang B|). She hopes they'll be able to meet, so that they can eat sushi and ice cream together, and drink bubble tea or something.

Jess:? Julie and Jess didn't really talked much until recently, when Jess decided to become an Orly shipper. Julie, being the diehard Orly vainshipper, instantly took a liking to Jess, and thinks of her a super awesome Aussie. Julie was really touched when Jess cared about her possible hiatus, and hopes that they'll have many more convos in the future. They're steadily progressing into great friends, and their friendship at the moment is definitely a beautiful one. They always ask eachother for permission to love one another, and Jess is just a total sweetheart. Julie will never understand why Jess calls unkawaii Julie, kawaii. (Because I will make you handle the truth that you are) Jess also admires Julie as a fellow fanfiction author. One day they plan to travel the world, with Julie in Jess' suitcase.? :'D