May MadnessEdit

Kelzi: This group's been dead.. And now it's like bang. All alive again. What the heck happened, anyway? ._.

Abby: It's May Madness. ._.
―A quote from May 9, 2011

About May Madness

May Madness was the event that brought AoGA back to life. It was hosted by Anna (My Hopeless Romantic), an author at Gakuen Alice fandom, with the purpose of reviving the spirits of GA writers. It involved writing, updating, reading and reviewing stories in Gakuen Alice fandoms. So far, this is the most memorable event happened to the AoGA group.

May Madness in AoGAEdit

"Let the May Madness begin! >.<" ―Abby, May 10, 2011
At AoGA group, May Madness was not only about writing, updating and reviewing like crazy. It was also about having fun which includes spamming the group wall, creating chain stories, etc. Spamming was the main course during this event.

Mesh: SPAM is ♥ ! haha makes us feel so alive! haha like we're on fire or something! :))) MAY MADNESS! :D

May Madness on AoGA TimesEdit

(Edited by the author herself because the original article really isn't fit for human reading.)

On May 2011, both the archive and the group suddenly fussed about with activity. Reviews were made, pictures were drawn and posted, and fics were being written -- a complete 180 turn from our established "lazying around" status. This is because Anna (My Hopeless Romantic ) proposed the idea of "May Madness" on her FFN profile page and to us at AoGA, expressing her disapproval at seeing the archive dead and prompting us to busy ourselves for that month.

Anna updated her fics and uploaded new stories, one of which was In The Eyes of The Beholder. One prominent figure in the fandom in particular flooded my email inbox (as I've subscribed to her) almost daily with notifications of a new upload. Prose Vanity shook the fandom with her dedicated participation, giving birth to Scaled , Musings , More Than Illusions , and more. Following their example and just as Anna hoped, the fandom flourished as more and more authors - some of whom we've labeled "inactive" - started uploading works, tagging it with lines like "For the May Madness" or "Happy May Madness!". And when we weren't on Word typing up stories, we were on the archive reviewing.

So to sum up the activity, May 2011 was filled with festivity. It's such a shame that we couldn't replicate the hype this year. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for May next year!

―AoGA Times (edited: October 13, 2012)