Nikki Chii
The Princess of Caratopia

Member Since:

2010 - present


Fetus girl



FFN Penname:



Gakuen Alice

FFN Birthday:

May 28, 2006


September 19

Caratopia Position:

The Princess


So very cute and so definitely a princess.


A yandere when she wants to be. Akashi is hers. Know your place.

About NikkiEdit

The cute princess of Caratopia who deathly loves Akashi Seijurou. She loves her ships and though we know her as the awesome person she is online, her RL friends have no idea of her sweet fujoshi side. She ships (and rightly so) BL and her tastes in guys are great (though it might take her long to open her eyes and see that the blonde guy with the pretty eyes and the model-like good looks isn't as great as he seems, especially since he keeps third wheeling certain ships). She role-plays but her identity is still unknown even to the best of us stalkers. She's a big deredere (deep down, why does everyone deny their dereness) and is one of the most amazing people ever. She's so sweet, and funny, and she knows exactly what to say to brighten someone's day.

History in AoGAEdit

To be filled up


Gakuen Alice, Kuroshitsuji, Fairy Tail, Durarara!!, Kuroko no Basuke.


AoCara. AkaNikki. AoKuro. AkaKuro. Cara x Loki.

SHE SHIPS ORLY, CAUSE EVERYONE SHIPS ORLY. (I forgot to add this to your page Nikki. XD)


Julie: Their friendship is an odd one that started with PMing on FFN for a month or two, on and off. They were very formal over PM and never really talked much about themselves. Then Julie joined AoGA and Nikki welcomed her, and they began chatting over FB. A few chats later they became soul sisters and are BFFFAEAEAEAE (Best Friend Forever And Ever And Ever And Ever). Julie views Nikki as the older sister she never had, and is really grateful to have met her. They often confide in eachother about things they can't tell people irl, and Julie hopes that they really will be BFFAEAEAEAE. They have a lot of endearing nicknames for eachother and inside jokes, and they have both seen the true dere sides of one another (OUR LETTERS OTL). This was really odd to write, but I hope you know I love you Nikkitsunlove. ♥

Erika : Nikki's personal butler, and best friend in fangirling about the anime that Nikki secretly watches