Ria Lee
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The Ninja of Caratopia

The Panda

Member Since:

2010 - present


PANDRIADEEK, Gladdie, Pandair, Rialeness



FFN Penname:

Ria Lee


Gakuen Alice, Code Geass, Harry Potter, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

FFN Birthday:

August 5, 2009


April 1

Caratopia Position:

The Ninja


Hyper, VERY HYPER, volatile


HORSEY, Known for sudden virtual disappearances

The Panda HerselfEdit

Ria - or Gladdie - likes random things like death and gore. She enjoys writing lovey-dovey things in her newly-made wordpress account whenever she's bored and she admits to reading the controversial Fifty Shades Trilogy. She's abnormal and weird and she counts stars when she's utterly wasted. She loves eating pasta and lasagna and her first love from the roleplaying group was a man named Akira Tonōchi. However, he didn't show up after a month of logging in and out and commenting here and there, so this poor panda decided to just leave him for good rather than wait for him. She later then married fellow author, Jam Rosales.

History in AoGAEdit

She, together with Marvic and Cara, broke the year-long silence of the group. One summer night, she was checking her groups when the Authors of Gakuen Alice group appeared out of nowhere and so, she decided to troll. She posted stuff as if she was drunk and soon, the two gals joined her. They talked about anything and everything until 2AM, and they even invented Triple C and drunk-typing, among others.

Basically, she appears out of nowhere - usually right after the end of classes or semestral breaks - to join the craziness and fun that is AoGA. She is part of the Applegate Mustachios and The Bloody Panda Group during the House Cup and the other game (which she forgot, OTL).




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