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About YasEdit

Yas is a quirky fangirl who's uber cute. Like, super duper cute. She patiently teaches Tagalog to anyone who asks for assistance (or just wants to know what the hell kilig is) and is open to talk about all feelings and/or emotions taking place in the fictional and real world. Contrary to her high rank and status in the Gakuen Alice fandom for writing well-written and well-loved fanfiction, Yas is a down-to-earth, cosmic chick who everyone slowly falls for. (Except she's taken. By Kacey, her wife. So butt out.)

History in AoGAEdit

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Gakuen Alice, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Sword Art Online, Tangled, and Rise of the Guardians.


Kayas: Kayas is (it better be) one of Yas' vainships, composed of herself and her wife Kacey.


Kacey: (you totally can't tell this page was all edited by this crazy wacko) This relationship probably started (it's been so long neither can remember) when Kacey started rapidly reviewing to all of Yas' GA works. She had read Reckless Hearts before, loved it, and Disneyland Romance, and love it even more. Kacey was ecstatic to find that the fics had been written by the same author, and proceeded to write raving compliments in her reviews. To her suprise and delight, Yas started to PM Kacey and the two struck up random conversations, concerning school and GA and writing. Then Kacey got a hold of Yas' Facebook. And everything took off from there-internet dates, late night chats, and finally a proposal and the marriage contract. To this day, this happy couple continues to chat and laugh over the mundaneness of reality and the awesomeness of fandoms and their perks. (LOWKEY LOKI).

Julie:Julie and Yas met when Yas inquired about joining the picture pointy thing. They became friends really quickly, and soon began to fangirl over bishies, Kuroshitsuji and a lot of other random stuff. Their fangirling and late night convos have lead to many inside jokes and lots of laughs for both parties when Julie failed at Tagalog (kilig, tampo). The two don't talk much anymore because of timezones, but occasionally Yas, who is Julie's 'angel butler' (because demon butlers are overated) stops by with Ciel (Julie's ex husbando before Izaya came along) and they all have a nice cup of tea. Julie enjoys teasing Yas about being an awful carriage driver, and crashing her carriage numerous times, although she actually has great faith in her angel butler.